Full Body Tabata Burn

Here is Another HIIT Tabata workout that can be completed in any environment, all you need is a box to jump up on and a battle rope (if youve got access to one). This is one killer of a routine
that focuses on all the major muscles of the body. You can see there is also a focus on explosive strength here since that is a key factor that is required for getting over obstacles at obstacle races.


Tabata format routines follow the work to rest ratio of 20 seconds to 10 seconds. So that’s 20 seconds of high intensity work plus 10 seconds rest or active rest, that is one interval which is usually repeated.

We love Tabata for many reasons, here are some of the benefits below:

  • OCR Stop Start – It perfectly mimics the stop start nature of obstacle racing. We are constantly running(or sprinting for some) and stopping to clamber over obstacles.
  • Lactate Threshold – Our lactate threshold is the point at which lactate begins to accumulate within the blood stream. When we reach our lactate threshold, performance usually tends to decrease. Tabata can cause an increase in Lactate threshold,
    which means in races we can race at a higher intensity for longer without a decrease in performance
  • Efficient Workout – A typical Tabata workout is completed in 8 mins, or up to 20 minutes max. Research has shown that 15 mins of interval training will burn more calories than slow long duration training (a slow steady 1 hour treadmill run for example)
  • Fat Burning – Tabata style training will cause EPOC (Exercise Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which in summary will result in an increase in metabolism and therefore fat burning for up to 24 hours AFTER your training session!

The whole routine should take just 16 minutes!

The routine

There are 4 groups of exercises. Since we are following the Tabata format, we will always be working for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of active rest.
Repeat each exercise in each group for 4 x 30 second intervals (20 on 10 off). So each exercise group should take 4 mins.
Move to the next exercise group and repeat.
Try not to rest in between exercises and groups, this is a High Intensity Interval Training Session. Our goal is to keep intensity high throughout. The whole routine should take just 16 minutes!

20 Second Interval 10 Second Active Rest Repeat
Group 1 (3 exercises, 4 intervals for each exercise)
Press Up/BoxJump Hold Plank Repeat x4
Clap Press Up/BoxJump Hold Plank Repeat x4
Spiderman Pressup/BoxJump Hold Plank Repeat x4
Group 2
Battle Rope Small Waves Hold Squat Repeat x4
Battle Rope Double Waves Hold Squat Repeat x4
Battle Rope Side Waves Hold Squat Repeat x4
Group 3
Burpees Hold Plank Repeat x4
Mountain Climbers Hold Plank Repeat x4
Squat Thrusts Hold Plank Repeat x4
Group 4
Jumping Lunges Hold Squat Repeat x4
Star Jumps Hold Squat Repeat x4
High Knees Hold Squat Repeat x4


Again I’d recommend getting yourselves a gymboss interval timer. You can find them on amazon pretty easily, usually around £15. They are excellent for interval training, in particular for tabata training. You can easily
programme in the intervals for this routine, the gymboss will then alert you with a vibration and/or a beep when the interval is up!

Written By: Gareth

I'm a full qualified PT with a number of OCR's on my CV including the legendary winter Tough Guy. Also a former Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion and Black Belt! You'll usually find me over Roath Rec beasting training the guys to help them overcome their obstacles :D


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