Best bootcamp in Cardiff. Gareth and Mike are both brilliant instructors and make exercising fun!

Kate Sullivan, Cardiff

Obstacle Specific Exercises

At our bootcamps we focus on exercises that will help us to negotiate obstacles both in our daily life and during an obstacle race. We also ensure that we focus on the four area's that are crucial for obstacle racing:

  • Strength/Explosive Power - Overcoming obstacles such as high walls, rope climbs and monkey bars requires good both lower and upper body strength. Explosive power helps us to launch the body through the air in order to reach the top of a wall
  • Agility - A typical obstacle race will force a runner to constantly change body position with speed in order to travel from one obstacle to another.
  • Endurance - Both cardiovascular and muscular Endurance is a must for longer distance obstacle races where the body is put under constant demand for durations of one hour plus.
  • Technique - Technique will help us to overcome an obstacle with efficiency. The heel hook technique for overcoming a wall is a classic example

Train with Like-minded people, Make some life-long friends!

Obstacle Racing is renowned for the carmarderie and the friendly nature of the participants. Everyone helps eachother, everyone works together to help eachother overcome obstacles. Our bootcamp is no different. We encourage our members to work with eachother and help eachother improve.

You will feel a massive welcome at Obstafit bootcamp. It's a great opportunity to make some lifelong friends. No-one judges and everyone is welcome regardless of fitness level!

Fun workouts using everyday objects plus a custom 6ft wall!

Our Bootcamp is a fun workout using everyday objects such as tyres, kegs, ropes, sandbags and more. We've also got our own portable 6ft wall plus access to monkey bars.

All our workouts are designed to be challenging but also fun.


You will find us right next to the playpark at Roath Park Recreation Ground


  • Tuesday Evenings 45mins (outdoor) at 17:00 and 18:00
  • Thursday Evenings 45mins (outdoor) at 17:00 and 18:00
  • Saturday mornings 45mins (outdoor) at 09:00 and 10:00.

With our signature floodlights we can also happily train in the winter rain or shine #wetrainintherain :D

How Much?

Our Monthly Membership Package known as VIP starts at £20 for the basic package.

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