30 Minute Full Body Strength Workout (B)

July 4, 2017

This is the second of my two weekly full body strength workouts as mentioned in my Keto Diet Experiment, Week 1 post. These workouts are part of my weekly training routine. I also do two to three running sessions per week. I’ve decided to post up my weekly workouts here so you can try them out for yourself…. Read more »

30 Minute FullBody Strength Workout (A)

June 28, 2017

As mentioned in my Keto Diet Experiment, Week 1 post, I usually do two strength workouts a week (Strength Workout A and Strength Workout B), plus 2 or 3 running sessions. I’ve decided to post up my weekly workouts here so you can try them out for yourself. My strength workouts are purposely designed to meet the… Read more »

Full Body Tabata Burn

August 4, 2015

Here is Another HIIT Tabata workout that can be completed in any environment, all you need is a box to jump up on and a battle rope (if youve got access to one). This is one killer of a routine that focuses on all the major muscles of the body. You can see there is… Read more »

Bring Sally Up!

July 30, 2015

There is a song by Moby named ‘Flower’. This song has become massively popular due to a challenge that is taking the world by storm. The challenge is to do a press up every time you hear the words ‘Bring Sally Up’ when playing the song – then to lower yourself back down a few… Read more »

Monkey Bar Training: Grip

June 2, 2015

One of the obstacles that many people fear in any OCR race are the monkey bars. There are four important elements of fitness that are required to master the monkey bars. Those four elements are Grip Strength, Momentum, Core Stability and Power. This article focuses on Grip Strength and how it can be improved Often… Read more »

Trifecta Pyramid

May 22, 2015

The trifecta pyramid routine focuses on 3 exercises in pyramid (ascending/descending reps) format. Earlier last year I badly injured my neck which resulted in me being told to lay off contact sports (kickboxing at the time) plus any form of weight training. I had to rethink my existing workouts which at the time focused around… Read more »

Lunge Lunge Lunge

May 11, 2015

The latest HIIT Routine in our OCR training series is the ‘Lunge Lunge Lunge workout’. A combination of Lunges and Core exercises to get you well on your way to mastering the Balance Beam Obstacle. Lunges are awesome for working on balance, proprioception and flexibility which just happen to be some of the key elements… Read more »

Monkey Grip HIIT

April 22, 2015

An Obstacle that many people struggle with at Obstacle Races is the dreaded Monkey Bars. The key element to mastering the monkey bars is grip strength. Without good grip strength you will find it difficult to hang onto the bars for any length of time. I tried out this grip HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training )routine… Read more »

Box Jump Tabata

April 2, 2015

OCR/Obstacle Racing involves chucking the body over/under/around obstacles plus running in between. I’ve been trying out some workouts that attempt to mimic some of these movements in preparation for the Dirty Dozen Obstacle Race in Usk on July 11th. Dirty Dozen Races is renowned for its walls, big walls! The Box Jump Tabata routine includes… Read more »

Monkey Bars Pyramid

March 31, 2015

We are experimenting at the moment with some quick and easy training routines for various races that are going on this year. I tried out a routine this morning in the gym with the monkey bars which is awesome for building muscular and cardiovascular endurance. I will film this at some point, but for now… Read more »