Fitness Test Leaderboard

Last Saturday (10/10/15) saw the 3rd ever Obstafit Fitness Test. Myself and Mikey are just amazed at the differences in levels of fitness of many of our obstafitters compared to when they first started. The first fitness test was back in May earlier...

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Obstafit Fitness Test

A few months ago a few obstafitters mentioned that they were looking for a means of measuring progress in fitness during our bootcamps. We have been racking our brains thinking of...

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Bring Sally Up!

There is a song by Moby named ‘Flower’. This song has become massively popular due to a challenge that is taking the world by storm. The challenge is to do a press up every time you hear the words ‘Bring Sally Up’ when playing the song - then to lower...

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Dirty Dozen Race Review Usk 2015

We took a huge team (approx 50+!) to Dirty Dozen Races this year in Usk along with our Big Green Gazebo and our Obstafit Rig! We did the same race last year with a much smaller team. Last years race was so good we decided to do it again! Read more..

If you don't know already, we run an Obstacle Race Preparation Workshop & Training Session every saturday for people like you who have signed for an Obstacle Race and want to get fully prepared.

Myself & my brother Mikey will give you the answers to any of your burning questions, for example, how do I train for my race? what gear should I wear? How do I get over a big wall?

You will also take part in a 1 hour Obstacle Race focused training session with other like minded Obstacle Race fanatics, the only of its kind in South Wales. You will get to practice technique on our custom built 6 foot portable wall, flip huge tractor tyres, learn how to quickly crawl under a cargo net, become a master at sandbag carries , traverse the monkey bars like tarzan plus lots more cool stuff.

To book your place simply click the link below to pick your session date on the eventbrite page.