Two Cardiff brothers are launching OBSTAFIT VIP – dedicated and accessible training for Obstacle Course Race (OCR) addicts and newcomers.

The OCR industry has exploded in popularity and participation. Every year, millions of participants take on mud...

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Winter Warriors Attendance Challenge

For those of you who haven’t checked our facebook or twitter accounts lately you may not have noticed the start of our latest challenge, The Winter Warriors Attendance Challenge.

It’s Really Simple. Attend 8 Bootcamps between now and 4th Feb and you...

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Outdoor Workout Winter Clothing Guide

If you don’t enjoy working out in the winter because you feel uncomfortable, wet and cold, the reason is because you are making poor clothing choices.

The weather doesn’t worsen during the winter, it just changes! There is no such thing as bad weather...

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If you don't know already, we run an Obstacle Race Preparation Workshop & Training Session every saturday for people like you who have signed for an Obstacle Race and want to get fully prepared.

Myself & my brother Mikey will give you the answers to any of your burning questions, for example, how do I train for my race? what gear should I wear? How do I get over a big wall?

You will also take part in a 1 hour Obstacle Race focused training session with other like minded Obstacle Race fanatics, the only of its kind in South Wales. You will get to practice technique on our custom built 6 foot portable wall, flip huge tractor tyres, learn how to quickly crawl under a cargo net, become a master at sandbag carries , traverse the monkey bars like tarzan plus lots more cool stuff.

To book your place simply click the link below to pick your session date on the eventbrite page.